The International Propeller Clubs

The International Propeller Clubs

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terza missione all'estero 23-26 Aprile 2017 Atene/Pireo

Ports, Shipping, Logistics and Economic Development

Meeting organized by The  International Propeller Clubs
with the scientific partnership of SRM

Athens,  24-25th April 2017

24th April, 2017 -

10.00 - Opening ceremony

Umberto MASUCCI, President, The International Propeller Clubs

Why the mission of Italian Propeller Club to Piraeus ?

George XIRADAKIS, President,
The International Propeller Club USA Piraeus Greece
meets Italy in the name of the maritime sector

SHIPPING SESSION: “Ulysses….Will never sail alone”

Greek and Italian models, two successful stories, countering
between two different business models
Mediterranean Short Sea Market:
What’s strategy through the era of eco-shipping; across the ages from local
market to global (Mediterranean) market,
what are the key drivers andcompetitive advantages ?
Shipping and Tramp sectors:
Greek model counters Italian one, same stories different evolution,
 from family business to financial business
Shipping of the future: how this
model will be resilient to paramount changes ? New rules, technologies, etc.
Concentration Vs. Fragmentation,
the way to tackle the Chinese threat; China currently dominates the trade
and will dominate the logistic supply Chain in near future
How do financial markets and financial Institutions play a key role in the court;
Greeks usually manage skillfully this arena and will catch-up an advantage by it ?
Short Sea market pattern :
chess game in west-east Mediterranean Market,
is there room for concentration ?

Paolo MORETTI, Chief Commercial Officer RINA Service

Konstantinos ROKKOS, CEO Trans  Sea Transport International Group

 11.00 – Round Table  

Chairmen: Fabrizio VETTOSI, CEO Venice Shipping,

     George XIRADAKIS , President Propeller Club USA Piraeus

Ioannis COTZIAS, President of the Hellenic Shipbrokers

George GRATSOS, President, HELMEPA

George PATERAS, President, Hellenic Chamber of Shipping

Charalambos SIMANTONIS, President, Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association

Dimitris VASSILACOS, Partner, Ship Finance Solutions

Antonio TALARICO, P:L. Ferrari Group

Paolo FERRANDINO, Secretary  General Port of  Ravenna

Paul  KYPRIANOU, Head of  External Relation , Grimaldi Lines

13.00 –LIGHT LUNCH   

Chairman:  Giorgia BOI, University of Genoa,
Vice-President The International Propeller Clubs



Meeting with University of Athens,
Piraeus and  Aegean, University of Naples
“Parthenope” University of Genoa, Maritime and transport Dept.


Universities of Greece and Shipping ,Contents
and aims of Greek Universities Maritime Courses.

Seraphim KAPROS, Head of Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport
A general panorama of the educational offers of  University of Aegean in maritime studies.
Some peculiar perspectives on studies and researches:
a  focus on:
“Interdisciplinary Approaches for Shipping, Intermodality and Supply Chains.” 

Manolis KAVUSSANOS, Director,
MSC in International Shipping, Finance and Management
A general panorama of the educational
offers of Athens University of Economics and Business in maritime studies.
Some peculiar perspectives on studies and researches:
a focus on
“Shipping and finance issues at postgraduate level “

Fani L. SAKELLARIADOU, President-Head of Maritime Studies Department
Prof. in Geochemical Oceanography University of Piraeus, Dept of Maritime Studies
A general panorama of the educational offers of University of Piraeus in maritime studies.
Some peculiar perspectives on studies and researches:
a  focus on:
“Environmental issues of shipping industry”

Universities of Italy and Shipping Contents
and aims of Italian Universities Maritime Courses 

Assunta DI VAIO, Professor of Business Administration  Department of Law
A general panorama of the educational offers of University of Naples
"Parthenope", Department of Law ” in maritime studies.”
Some peculiar perspectives on studies and researches:
a  focus on:
“Cruise industry: governance, measurement and management control”

Anna SCIOMACHEN, Professor of Operations Research and
Coordinator of the Council of Economics Study Courses

 A general panorama of the educational offers of
University of Genoa in maritime studies.
Some peculiar perspectives on studies and researches:
a focus on:
“Carriage of dangerous goods by sea”



25th April, 2017 - “HELLAS LIBERTY MUSEUM”, Piraeus
PORT SESSION: “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”
The challenges of the new maritime scenarios in the Mediterranean sea

Topics: panelists will debate on following matters:
- The future competitiveness of Italian and Greek ports in the Mediterranean scenario
- Naval Gigantism and big alliances: are they threats or opportunities
- China’s investments in the Mediterranean ports; what do they mean ?
- One Belt one Road: Italian and Greek Ports far away
- The new port governance: bureaucracy friend or enemy ?
09.30 – Visiting the floating Museum oh Hellenic Merchant Marine, SS Hellas Liberty.
Walking on the Museum, enjoying morning Coffee on Board the vessel at Port of Piraeus

10.15 Port Opening ceremony
Ricardo FUOCHI, President, Propeller Club of Milan
George XIRADAKIS, President, The International Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus

Welcoming Address – Christos LABRIDIS, General Secretary of Ports, Ports Policy
and Maritime Investments, Minister of Shipping.

Alessandro PANARO, Head of Maritime Dept. SRM (Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group)
Tassos VAMVAKIDIS, Commercial Manager at Piraeus Container Terminal S.A

10:50 – Round Table

Theodore KONTES, President, Union of Cruise Shipowners and Associate Members

Ioannis KOUVALIS, President of Hellenic Ports Association-
Member of Board of Directors of Port of Piraeus

Thrasyvoulos STAVRIDOPOULOS, General Secretary Hellenic Ports Association,
President of Port of Volos

Konstantinos MOUTZOURIS, President of Regulatory Authority for Hellenic Ports

Apostolos KAMARINAKIS, Vice Admiral (Retired) HCG,
ex Member of Executive Committee of European Seaports Organization,
ex. President of HPDC.

Fiorenzo MILANI, Director Italian Federation Pilots

Andrea AGOSTINELLI, Italian Coast Guard - Ministry of Transport-Harbour Master

Maria Cristina FARINA, Ministry of Transport, Italy – MIT

Pietro SPIRITO, President, Port Authority Naples and Salerno

Fabrizio ZERBINI, CEO Trieste Container Terminal